The Company

Metal Carpenteria Srl (MC), founded in 1975, is specialized in mechanical assembly, facility maintenance and construction of components for industrial plants.

Over the years, Metal Carpenteria Srl has carried out a wide range of activities among which:

  • Prefabrication and assembly of on-shore structures, such as gas collection and separation plants, pumping and compression gas stations, water treatment facilities, storing tanks with fixed or floating roof and pipeline lay down.
  • Mechanical maintenance services on industrial plants, off-shore platforms, refineries, chemical and petrochemical plants, steam generation and purification plants.
  • Construction of environmental-friendly collection facilities and boilers piping.
  • Prefabrication, construction and assembly of light and heavy steel structures including drilling rigs and mud treatment plants.
  • Installation of civil and industrial electrical facilities, pneumatic and electro-instrumental facilities, cathodic protection facilities.
  • Installation of instrumentation and industrial automation systems.
  • Installation of remote-signal and data communication systems.
  • Installation of low and medium power lines.
  • Installation of transformer stations.
  • Installation of electrical, electronic, electromechanical panels and command and control boards.
  • Installation of fiber optic and copper data networks.


Metal Carpenteria Srl is licensed to use the official API Monogram in conformity to the API 4F standard

  • Qualified for the execution of public works in conformity with DPR 207/2010 for the Category OS18-A Class. VIII
  • Compliant with UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 and certified by Ri.Na No 4711/01
  • Certified as Transformation Center by the “Central Technical Service of the Superior Council of Public Works”
  • Certified ISO 3834-2 for welding special processes
  • Certified EN 1090-1 and EN 1090-2

Operational Resources

Main facility


Total surface 30.000 sqm
Covered surface 5.000 sqm
Annual potentiality 300.000 hours

Stainless Steel Production facility


Total surface 12.000 sqm
Covered surface 3.200 sqm
Annual potentiality 75.000 hours

Steel Structures Production facility


Total surface 12.000 sqm
Covered surface 3.200 sqm
Annual potentiality 75.000 hours

Port area


Total surface 55.000 sqm
Draught 8.5 mt.
Port crane
  • No 2 Gottwald 100 ton
  • No 1 Grove 220 ton
  • No 1 Liebherr 70 ton