Metal Carpenteria works in the engineering market since 1975.

Founded as a company mainly dedicated to the maintenance of industrial plants (metallurgic and petrochemical) located in the area of Crotone, after having seen the evolution of the local and national market, later it has gained significant experiences in the field of the construction of industrial plants, piping, pressure vessel, steel structures, off-shore structures and mainly steel structure for on-shore drilling plants.
The main clients of Metal Carpenteria are main industrial groups both Italian and abroad.

Let's give an hand to Sport

We have given, we are giving, and will always continue to lend a hand to sport.

We’ve been doing it since 2008, with the firm conviction that sport is indeed one of the more positive and representative business cards of our society, a valuable development tool, an indispensable driving force for economic and social growth, but above all a support and a stimulus for the many young people who believe in sport, that practice it daily, and that they follow their favorite sport events.
And we think that associating our brand to a sports club brings with it new meanings. And all very important.
Work and sports are in fact two sides of the same coin.
Passion, love, sacrifice, ambition, commitment and goals to achieve are fundamental in both contexts.
It is almost natural for us then, to commit to a sports project that includes in it all the values and principles we believe in, and then transfer them to the outside through a partnership that goes beyond a logo on a shirt, but it is also synonymous with synergy, that between the world of work and sport, rowing in the same direction, that one of the promotion of our human resources and excellence, sports and corporate.
They call it sponsorship, but we prefer more simply and concretely define the overall design.
Continuous, positive, inclusive and constructive.

Metal Carpenteria services

The multiple services performed and offered by Metal Carpenteria mainly embrace mechanical installations and maintenance of facilities and construction of industrial plants.

Constructions, erections and mechanical maintenance

Maintenance of rotary machines

Intervention of improvement and modification

Electro-instrumental division