Chemical Injection
& Dosing Package

Chemical, Petro-chemical, Oil & Gas

IMC staff is able to engineer, design and produce Chemical Injection & Dosing Packages for specific use in chemical, petro-chemical and Oil & Gas plants; the design is always made according to customer requirements and application, and to the highest international standards such as ASME, ANSI, BS and APIThe experience gained by IMC over several realizations development provides the customer the certainty of an efficient plant / product, customized for any need.

Equipment And Accessories

The product we can provide start at the small equipment and accessories (pumps, agitators, storage tanks, piping) up to production unit and specific metering systems.

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& Storage Vessel

Off-shore, Oil & Gas , Petro-chemical , Power generation

Thanks to the acquisition, at the end of 2015, of “U” and “S” ASME Stamp and Certification, IMC can provide the best solution at the right cost.IMC can design Pressure Vessel for several applications:
  • Off-shore;
  • Oil and Gas industry;
  • Petro-chemical;
  • Power generation.

Resistant Materials

As we have several Welding Qualification, we can offer an extensive range from Carbon Steel to high strength corrosion resistant materials, in order to personalize the final product to meet every client’s requirement.

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Metering Skid

Metering SkidMeasuring quantities of Gas & Oil

IMC answers the growing need of measuring quantities of gas or oil, used or supplied; we can provide skidded solutions to measure flow and usage.The system can be checked by means of a local control panel complete with PLC, which sends all the data to the DCS in the control room.In the supply of Turn Key plants, we also realize a series of activities in site. Upon request, we can do the site supervision during commissioning and start-up, the pre-commissioning, the commissioning, the start-up and the training.

High Quality System

In our experience, only a high quality instrument or system provides the customer with an adequate return on investment and, in fact, although sometimes it may seem economically more challenging, shows in time to be the bearer of unquestionable added value. Similarly, whatever is being installed on a system requires a proper start-up and proper maintenance over time. This is why our service staff engineers are constantly undergoing refresher courses on products and solutions.

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& Pipe Rack

On-shore and Off-shore Plants

Within On-shore and Off-shore plants, we can supply to the Customer all the phases: engineering, piping assembly and assembling of carpentry and electrical parts. Using this methoodoligy, the global managing time and the on-site costs are significantly reduced.In the event of a plant revapimg we can prefabricate pipng spool following Customer’s design: material procurement (with a guaranteed traceability thanks to ISO 9001 Certification procedures), piping fit-up and assembly, Non Destructive Examination and surface protection treatment.


The product we can provide start at the small equipment and accessories (pumps, agitators, storage tanks, piping) up to production unit and specific metering systems.

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Electrical Substation

Electrical and Instrumental Shelter Room

The most convenient solution to reduce on-site electrical installation work are the Electrical and Instrumental Shelter Room: this kind of solution allows to build in a shop the cabins or the parts of them, and once arrived on site, the only activities to be performed are installation, final cabling and site acceptance tests.The creation of these Electrical and Instrumental Shelter Room includes Engineering, Construction and Testing of:
  • Process Control Facility;
  • Electrical Distribution System; (eventually monitored from remote location with minimum operator intervention required on site for operations)
  • Power Supply System;
  • Electrical Interconnection of Instruments Cabling.

Solar Power System

Containerized solutions can also be powered by a standalone Solar Power System which, together with a batteries calculation, can give it complete independence from Primary Plant Distribution.

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